About MDE

About MDE

Our vision is to offer a unique, transformational digital marketing and operations service. Generating awareness, engagement & sales while revolutionizing business’s workflows and processes.

My Digital Ego enables digital transformation and supercharges brands, helping businesses reimagine themselves for the digital economy.

Offering complete digital brand management through harnessing the power of social media and search, then driving on site conversion and customer retention.

All in one Digital Solution

At the heart of MDEs approach is a simple ethos – we wanted to create an affordable, all-in-one digital solution, catering for all budgets. MDE help businesses digitally transform by creating discoverability, then converting and nurturing their audience and customers.

We have built a strategy that makes our approach entirely results-driven, by offering complete management of social media, search engine optimisation, conversion and customer retention. Whether you need us to rebuild your website, make your brand more discoverable or help you reimagine your business digitally, we can help.

Our Happy Customers

Llama Accounting case study

Llama wanted to be seen as a more modern and contemporary finance brand and to grow their audience as well as their brand awareness.

Our Methods

With our end-to-end social media approach and professional, creative execution of content marketing we increased Llama accountings visibility and awareness. This helped grow their band and audience, whilst also helping to position them as a modern and forward thinking business.

LLama Draws In Undiscovered Clients

Llama Accounting chose to weave traditional storytelling techniques into their content marketing strategy. Each post was tailored to it’s specific platform appealing to a highly specified target audience, telling the story of Llama Accounting.

Results That Speak Volumes

  • 82% Audience growth A 439% increase in engagement across all platforms
  • 2,826 organic impressions in one month
  • 200% increase in website traffic

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Initiate Technology case study

Initiate Technology are an expert business technology solutions company. Their website was slow and unresponsive, it needed updating in both functionality and in load time/performance. We redesigned it and brought the brand back to life..

The solution

We completely recreated initiate Technologies website with WordPress and integrated live chat which we have designed accordingly to his brand colours. We then improved the google search results. The recreation of the website took 5 working days, this included complete rework of the website and it’s functionalities, adding features and designs that make the website look better, faster and eye-catching. Designing and integration on the live chat took 3 hours.

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