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PR Release My Digital Ego

My Digital Ego. New Cardiff Digital Agency Aiming To Help Businesses Bounce Back in 2021 My Digital Ego offer affordable, digital expertise and support Offering

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social media in the future

How social media will change and evolve in the future?

Social media is a massive part of our lives. We spend countless hours searching for interesting topics, talking to friends, watching videos, and doing many more activities on our devices. Naturally, we are all interested in the future trends of something that has such an impact on our life.

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Competition monitoring

How competition monitoring can improve your business

Even if a company has great internal strategies, they can still be threatened by outside forces from competitors. If a restaurant serves the best tasting spaghetti in the whole city they may feel their business should be booming. They have the best product, don’t they? The problem is they are not aware that a smaller restaurant downtown serves spaghetti for half the price and has a customer loyalty program.

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