The Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Advertising and Internet Marketing

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Brand Advertising is just one branch of Internet Marketing, but COVID-19 made a huge hit on the overall industry, nonetheless. However, in this post, we’ll focus not just on the impact of COVID-19 on brand advertising. But on the other aspects of the internet marketing industry too. How it affected the industry and what’s next in the ongoing Pandemic. So, let’s begin, shall we?

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Brand Advertising

The ongoing and seemingly never-ending COVID-19 has affected every aspect of our society. The world economy is hit particularly hard of course. But it’s safe to say that every industry on the planet is feeling the impact of the global pandemic. The internet marketing industry is no exception as well.
But what’s the impact of COVID-19?

Well, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic really made a shift in consumer behaviour. With jobs on the line, and people made redundant all around the globe, money is tight. And that economic setback is felt on the small and medium business, not just on individuals. The „New Normal“as we like to call our daily existence during this pandemic, shifted a lot of perspectives. Well, in the eyes of the consumers and the business owners as well. And naturally, the digital marketeers had to adjust because of that, said Springer Link in their study.

Since there is no place for frivolous and unnecessary spending, consumer habits changed. In a drastic way. Only the essentials like food, clothing and rent are a must now. And everything else is just a bonus, that a lot of us simply can’t afford. So, with the new rules, consumers are now challenged and forced to review their habits and lifestyles. As the money became tight, the strategy of every digital marketeer changed. And it made a shift in a different direction as well. But that change we are discussing in this post is not applied only to our budget. Our work and lifestyle are affected as well.

Think about it. We’ve spent this past year locked away at home. With the looming threat of lockdowns and constant restriction on top of everything. Remote work has become part of our new normal, and that made a huge impact on our lifestyle in general as well. And we can’t forget about the travel restrictions. Our life has become reinvented in 2020, that’s for sure, and like or not the new rules are here to stay.

And what about the other changes during the Pandemic? Well, there’s been a surge in online shopping stores, e-commerce stores. And yes. That’s one of the changes that the world has been accustomed to. Instead of doing your weekly grocery shopping at your usual supermarket, your weekly shopping is now a click away. COVID-19 changed that, and even the most adamant opponents of the digital era, have now become the most fervent supporters.

To Adapt And To Accept The New Rules

But the thing is… Even the companies had to adapt. Not just the individuals. According to, several companies started offering free trials and free lessons to an exciting and thought-provoking tutorial. And even several clothing companies started a shift in their manufacturing process. Hey, they even incorporated the production of face masks. The digital marketing industry caught the wave quickly too, and a few changes were made there as well.

But like no time in history, the digital marketing industry is focusing on brand advertising. Why? Because studies show that it’s one of the most reliable branches of advertising. It helps build stronger, lasting connections with the consumers. And it helps the companies get recognition on a long-term basis.

Positive recognition of course is key, and it’s very much in demand even now in 2021.

But the fact remains that COVID-19 had a huge impact on brand advertising as well. And even some of the well-known brands have been affected by the pandemic. But the strategy of the brand advertisement has changed as well. According to the survey from, Silverpush, the brands have been adapting their tone and their strategic initiatives. In order to apply to the new expectations and needs of modern-day consumers of course. A whopping 95% of the brands reported change in their policies when it comes to brand advertisement. This is not surprising, since there’s been a huge change in almost every one of us.

And just what those changes are?

Well, first and foremost, the change is in the tone. Indeed, the brand wants to make a lasting impression of their brand, but not by any means necessary. The insensitive and tone-deaf approach has no room in 2021. And every attempt to shamelessly capitalize on the pandemic is reprimanded.

However, that doesn’t mean that advertisers are cutting back on brand advertising. No, they’re not, but they’re building a different approach in their strategy. In fact, MetrixLab reported that slashing the advertisement can affect poorly on the sales even after the recession is over. So, instead of going dark and ignoring brand advertising, the companies are choosing to ignore talking about COVID-19. Most of the well-known brands made a wise choice not to mix their brand advertisement with content that’s COVID-related.

Furthermore, Innovation and experimentation are key new factors in brand advertising. And that’s been especially true in the wake of the global pandemic. In fact, even the consumers understand the brands can advertise and look after the brand even in these troubling times. There’s no way even small and medium-size businesses can stop digital advertisements. It’s just not possible, even in these horrific times. However, that needs to be done tastefully and respectfully. And the tone and impact of the advertisement need to be aligned with the emotional needs of the consumer. In other words, it needs to strike the right cord and even the right tone. In order to make an impact on the consumer in 2021.

A tone of solidarity, a strong sense of empathy and even social togetherness need to be part of the new brand advertising strategies. And they need to make a connection with the consumer. They need to speak to the audience on an emotional level, in order to make the connection. And maintain that connection too.

However, the brands need to understand that although the pandemic is not going to last forever, the new strategies need to stay beyond the COVID-19 global crisis. There’s always room for empathy and compassion, and even after the pandemic eventually ends… These virtues will be very much in demand. Even in brand marketing advertising.

What’s Next?

Some even go as far as to call Brand advertisement, the future of digital marketing. And for good reason. It has the impact of bringing together community and keeping it together in the long run. Yes, even brands are easily repla sable, and the consumers know that. They can turn to the next best brand in a matter of seconds. But making that lasting authentic connection is the ultimate end goal for every brand. Regarding the size or the industry. So, brand advertising needs to focus on that.

But you’re not alone in this. Luckily for you, there are great agencies that put extra focus and care on brand advertising. And one of those is My Digital Ego. We have a great marketing team, ready to address your every need and improve every aspect of your business. Give us a call.

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