Digital Brand Personality in a Pandemic

Digital Brand Personality

Many business owners believe that ‘brand personality’ develops after years of existence on the market. In 99% of the cases, this is not true. Businesses need to work on building and strengthening its brand personality.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies struggled to maintain their brand personality and preserve their image. Other companies used this time for rebranding. Those who played smart now own a recognizable digital brand personality.

What is Brand Personality?

Adding human characteristics to a brand creates brand personality. When a brand can elicit emotions from consumers, they have a strong brand personality.

If a company creates an excellent personality campaign, in future when consumers see their logo or the name of the brand, they will experience emotion. Depending on the direction the company is headed, consumers can see them as sincere, exciting, elegant, etc.

According to marketing experts, there are five brand personality types. All of them are equally valuable, and all brands fall into one of them.

What are the 5 Brand Personality Types?

All companies fit in to at least one brand personality type. Let’s see what the five types are:


This applies to companies who are providing exciting products. These companies often run marketing campaigns that are provocative, calling to action, and uplifting.

Every company trying to push their brand into a field of excitement can expect more consumers who like to have fun, try new things, challenge others, etc. If you have a brand in mind whilst reading this, that means they did a great job building that brand personality.

Example brand: TikTok – the Chinese social network full of young people is the perfect example. Their logo and brand name symbolize excitement and joy, especially among Gen Y and even generation Alpha.


It’s easy to recognize who this type is addressing. These brands managed to look sincere in the eyes of their customers. Their work is revolving around the idea of trust, and they managed to build trustworthy products.

Consumers see these brands as honest, valuable and family-oriented. People who love these brands will feel optimistic when they see them.

Example brand: Pampers – when you think of baby diapers, you instantly think of the Pampers logo. This brand from Proctor and Gamble is a synonym for a happy and healthy baby. There’s no other brand in the baby industry that is so genuine.


Companies who are aiming their brand to look tough and strong fall into this type. They symbolize durability, fearlessness, toughness, limitlessness, athleticism, and hard work.

Consumers who love these brands are the same way. They probably love to fix things on their own, work on solving problems, build stuff, and care about the quality of everything they purchase. That’s why they need brands that offer the same – quality, durability, and products that consumers can lean on in tough times.

Example brand: Cat – the company producing some of the strongest machines in the world is a symbol for being tough and unbeatable. There’s nothing these guys can’t move, lift, pull, or dig.


Competent brands never let their customers down. Clients trust and give their business to competent brands with a great marketing strategy. Companies that work with delivery, medicine, insurance, or money, aim to build a competence personality.

Example brand: PayPal – whenever you want your money transferred from one place to another, the first service you think of is PayPal. Their logo is easily recognizable and reminds of safe money transfers.


Some brands are exclusively creating for the rich and wealthy, or at least, that’s the image they represent. Companies that are trying to create a sophisticated look are made for those who can afford them. They are luxurious, hard to get, and glamorous.

Consumers look at them as something they wish they had, but not everyone can. These companies must build a quality product or offer a high-standard service. Consumers see in them elegance, perfection, and prestige.

Example brand: Apple – the tech giant is one of the most wanted brands in the world. Everything these guys create is on the wish list of people around the world. Still, not everyone can afford them. Owning an Apple product is a statement rather than just a product we use.

Why is Brand Personality Valuable?

You’ve heard of brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand identity. They all address different aspects of the attempt of companies to get closer to consumers.

Building a strong personality is a sure way to strengthen market dominance. It’s one heck of a tough job, with lots of dedication and hard work needed. Brands with strong brand personality rank higher on Google in terms of SEO. These businesses also score a higher retention rate with consumers.

Consumers love portraying businesses as people, seeing them as their friends or someone they admire. Every marketer knows that keeping already acquainted customers is highly important. Happy retaining customers means more profits.

Stats show that 20% of the happiest customers with the brand make 80% of the profits. The more people trust the brand, the higher the retention number, and the higher the profits.

How to Create a Brand Personality?

Most business owners see their companies as nearly perfect. In the eyes of the consumers, there is only a handful of companies that they see as great brand personalities. Depending on many factors, consumers might have great emotions for some brands and completely ignore others.

Creating a strong brand personality means lots of research first. Going through the numbers and insights of their already existing customers is a must. Understanding the client base is the best thing to do at the beginning.

A marketing agency and the leading decision-making management of the business will then form a strategy of where they want their company to go.

Let’s dive into this example:

The shoe-making technique of this company is perfect for the elderly. Their entire customer base is over the age of 60. Trying to build a brand personality that will fall under the ruggedness type is nonsense. No athlete will look at these shoes, and there are only a few seniors that will be happy to take them up the mountains.

Unless the company is ready to start working on something else and push out products for other generations, it would be best if they go with the sincerity or competence type. Build a brand that will be trustworthy. A pair of shoes that won’t let their customers down.

Grabbing the attention of an older generation may not be achieved as successfully through the same marketing channels used for the younger generations. However, using digital channels is still a smart move. Lockdown has everyone at home, so smartphones are the go to for entertainment.

One of the leading channels on the internet for reaching out to seniors is YouTube. By targeting ads to this age group, you can successfully promote your product.

Another great place to market to this demographic is Facebook. Why not create a PPC campaign?

Depending on who you are marketing to, the channels used will be different. Great marketers know that marketing is all about adjusting. Check us out if you want to know more on the subject.

How the best in the business did it?

Several businesses around the world are known globally for their brand personality.

It takes years, if not decades, to build such a personality. As the company grows, brand recognition and personality also grow. Making the right moves, targeting the right audience at the right time is also something to mind. This wouldn’t be possible without a strong marketing team working backstage.

Take Amazon as an example. Jeff Bezos started with selling books online and turned out to be the wealthiest person on Earth while at the same time designing and testing drones and smart speakers. In the early 90s, he established its brand as a leading book trader.

He felt that internet users see Amazon as a reliable and competent brand. He used this brand personality to take the business to another level. It’s not easy getting to a point when you’re globally recognized, but once there, the possibilities are endless.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has an equal chance of building a recognizable brand with a strong personality. With billions of internet users connected to the internet during the pandemic, all it takes is a little digital marketing push.

Sometimes we need to address the right people, and sometimes we need to strengthen the online presence. Both ways, no business can handle everything on their own. They need a friend who’s skilled and experienced, someone who knows the digital ways for reaching consumers.

Give us a call, we can make your business digitally discoverable and build the brand personality you need!

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