Digital Marketing Can Help Drowning Businesses Recover after Covid-19 Vaccines Rollout


By the beginning of March, around 20 million people received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccines. By summer the UK will be on its way to be covid free. People will get back to their workplaces, stores will reopen, and everything will go back to normal.

The consequences of the pandemic will be inevitable, though. People changed their habits. Companies that had customers as regulars will probably need to work harder for their attention now. After all, we’ve all been in lockdown for almost three months and changed the ways we live.

Businesses that are reopening their stores, and going back to their normal activities, need all the help from the marketing agencies to get customers back. It’s not going to be easy, but with hard work and proper strategies, this is possible.

Some industries suffered more loses than others. Those who suffered more will most likely need a lot more time to recover. However, with the help of digital marketing pointed at the right places, this will be much easier.

What industries suffered the most during Covid-19?

Although some industries reported enormous profits during 2020, the case is different for most. Some businesses lost everything they have and filed for bankruptcy. There are a few industries that suffered the most and reported tremendous losses.

The airline business is on top of this list. There were days and weeks in the previous year when airports completely shut down, and no one travelled anywhere. Casinos and gambling, gas production, leisure facilities, auto parts, and restaurants also plummeted.

Tourism is another one of the industries that suffered big time. However, this summer, it is expected this industry to stabilize. The same will happen with bars and restaurants. People can’t wait for the restrictions to be over. It seems like everyone’s about to hit the bars when the government announces that Covid-19 is over.

When these industries go back to normal, the spiral will keep moving and pull everyone up with them. When people start going out again, they will use their vehicles, and the gas production will go back to normal. The same goes for the auto parts industry, which got massively hit because no one is going anywhere.

Start an early digital marketing campaign

Starting the marketing campaigns should be done before they officially declare that the pandemic is over. Until then, the effort should already show effect. Some of the best ideas for marketing in times like these are social media announcements and search engine marketing.

Social media campaigns

With more than 45 million active users on social media in the UK, being present on most of them is a must. Facebook, with 37 million, is still on top of the game. The others follow with fewer users – Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, but they still have millions of users active every day.

Setting up and running business social media profiles is what you need to do. Professionals will surely do it better than you, so let them take over. They know everything about the different platforms, use specialized tools to reach more audience, and know how to monitor their success. Check out how we do our social media management here.

There are two ways to reach more audience and go viral with your posts. One is organic reach, and the other is paid. Both have their pros and cons. The digital marketing team and the business owners should decide together about what kind of campaign is best for the company.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a way to introduce your business to people looking for products or services on search engines. Depending on what your company do, the campaign can be tailored specifically to get more customers on your website.

In some cases, the SEM is too expensive and doesn’t provide the best return on investment. That’s when companies should try SEO, which is search engine optimization. This is a way for websites to rank higher on search engines for some of the queries consumers will enter in the search bar.

In both situations, the company should become more visible to people in search engines. The first way is paid, and the second one is organic. In communication between the digital marketing team and the business owner, the two can decide what kind of strategy is best to go with. See more about our SEO here.

Why is it best to start now?

It’s best to hire a digital marketing agency now because people are still at home and active on the internet. When they get out, digital marketing strategies will not be as effective. However, now, these are the best ways to promote your services and products that will be available after the pandemic.

Around 65 million UK citizens are active on the internet every day. That is a vast number of people that are your potential customers. They spend 6 hours and 26 minutes on average online every day. Once the pandemic and the lockdown are over, these numbers are going to be significantly lower.

Let’s say you’re running a hotel. The best time to go on a holiday in the UK is from April to June, and from September to November, which gives you enough time to announce your big come back and accept visitors from around the country.

Target your ads on social media perfectly, and get the age group you’re aiming at. Of course, this is just an example. The marketing team will make a detailed strategy with your help and make the best for your business.

Use the government to help and fund the campaigns

Almost all companies in the UK are eligible for governmental help. Now, when the pandemic is almost over, the government prepared specialized loans that some companies might find highly useful. These funds may be perfect for setting up the proper marketing campaign.

Find out more on the official link and see if you can make use of them. The ‘Bounce back’ loans tailored for small and medium enterprises might be perfect for you at this moment. You don’t have to return anything in the first 12 months, and after that, you have a 2.5% yearly interest rate.

This loan may be a fantastic opportunity. If you raise the money and try to save on marketing, you might not see any clients, and you’ll end up getting the loan back without seeing any benefit of it. On the other hand, with the right marketing and getting more customers, you’ll see a fast return of investment and easily get the loan back.

Cover all bases

When someone says to cover all bases, you instantly think of a team of people, which you must pay to do this job. It doesn’t have to be that case. You can do everything right by hiring just one digital agency. Here at My Digital Ego, we cover all bases for you.

If you look at any serious company, you’ll notice that they are present everywhere. Social media, search engines, email marketing, apps, and at the same time, they have a rocking website.

As a small business, you’re not required to dominate the big players. It is enough to find out what will give you the best visibility on the internet. The most important channels are social media, search engines, email marketing, and perfect website appearance.

All of this can be done by MDE. Within a month, you’ll see people recognizing your brand on the internet and calling your office to ask for more information about it.

Wrapping up

The British economy suffered tremendously over 2020. Some months were especially disastrous. Overall, the economy shrank 9,9%, which is a record. In April alone, it dropped nearly 20%.

It will take a lot of time until it fully recovers. How the Covid-19 vaccines work and how the situation develops will also contribute to this claim. In any case, you and your business should prepare for any scenario. This country has been through the worst time, and it didn’t kneel once. We surely won’t do it now.

To make things easier, you should hire the best digital marketing agency in the universe – MyDigitalEgo. We know how to get things done. Call us and let us tell you more about our strategies.

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