The Rising Demand for Digital Agency Services During Covid-19

Digital Agency Services

Imagine a world pandemic in the 90s, when most of us didn’t have the internet or smartphones. Riots would have started if lockdown happened back then.

Thanks to technology, we are now covered with everything we need without leaving our homes.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses quickly realised the importance of online visibility. Those that did not struggled to stay open and eventually closed their doors.

Positively, many modern companies all have social media presence and websites. Lots of traditional businesses also adapted quickly and tried to snatch a piece of the action on the internet.

In this digital chaos of customers ordering food online for the first time, and restaurants delivering, came the need for professionals who understand how the digital world works. Of course, the restaurants are just an example. The statement applies across all industries.

Consumers admit they shop online more than before

According to a survey from Influencer Marketing Hub, consumers are shopping a lot more online than before the pandemic. Their survey says that 62% of Americans shop more on the internet now during the pandemic.

It is similar in the UK. The stats say that online retail spending in the UK increased by 73% during the last year. The British, however, had a longer lockdown. The American government didn’t bother too much to close their citizens at home.

Covid-19 turned out to be very productive for some businesses if you look at the statistics. Lots of companies acquired new customers as a direct result of the lockdown. More than 25% of consumers started shopping from a retailer that they never tried before.

This means that lots of businesses managed to get new customers. Every marketer knows how expensive new acquisitions are, and these guys are getting them for free.

Covid-19 changed the face of the digital marketing industry

Before the pandemic, traditional and digital marketing were almost equal in demand. Now, clients are asking strictly for digital services. They see no use of traditional marketing strategies as everyone’s on the internet and shop this way.

That made traditional marketing companies with decades of experience turn digital. They have the foundation for the job, they often have a reputation for being excellent businesses, but they lacked proficiency and skill in the digital matter.

At the same time, companies that already worked on digital marketing dominated the field but gained a lot more competition than before. With tons of new companies in the industry, things started to shake.

Prices dropped, although the demand for digital marketing started to rise on behalf of the traditional. Lots of companies vanished from the screen as the industry plummeted globally. The situation pushed everyone into a sea of uncertainty.

During this time, some agencies kept their high prices for offering digital solutions. Here at MDE, we adjust to the new ways, and understand what it means for businesses to spend thousands on marketing as they did before. Times are tough, and that’s why we offer affordable solutions for everyone that wants to stay on the clients’ radars.

What companies get with digital marketing during Covid-19?

Consumers are now shopping online, meaning companies that want to attract them will need to start dominating the online market.

Every digital agency should provide its clients with online visibility and lead generation. Depending on the budget, companies can get an aggressive campaign or a more subtle approach. Some of the biggest companies in the world have non-stop PPC and SEM campaigns that never stop.

Digital Marketers are active 24/7 on social media, dominate the search engines, remind their leads through email campaigns about new products, regularly update their websites, offer promotions, coupons, discounts, and everything there is in the online marketing world.

Small to medium enterprises, or SMEs, should focus more on the essentials rather than spending thousands of pounds trying to dominate every possible field out there. To have a functional and easily accessible website, regular social media posting, and setting up a strong search engine presence are part of the essentials.

MyDigitalEgo is an expert in these fields. We can deliver more than you expect. Call us and see what we can do for you with these issues.

The rising demand made agencies focus on details

It’s easy for giant digital marketing agencies to deliver a full product from A to Z when they have more than 100 employees. The digital marketing game is a broad one, and there’s so much to do if someone wants to dominate all fields.

The problem with dominating all fields is that it doesn’t come cheap. Agencies that can do everything will charge tremendous amounts, even for the smallest interventions. Brands are now focusing on partial digital services instead.

They don’t need to do email campaigns if their customer base is Gen Z. Younger generations know how to handle email spam, and they don’t even open these corporate invitations to new products. Instead, they are ‘multichanneling’ on various social media platforms.

Despite all research shows that email marketing provides amazing ROI, this isn’t going to work for some businesses. They should do something else, instead. Hiring digital agencies, which are experts in graphic design and social media, is a much better choice.

Digital marketing agencies realised this, and many started focusing on only some of the marketing channels. Depending on what a business needs, marketers will deliver what they promised precisely.

Why do businesses need more digital marketing now?

Businesses need to adjust to the new ways. With the rise of potential customers online, it’s natural to try and get them as clients. Getting these customers isn’t possible without well-thought, precisely targeted, and sharply observed digital marketing campaigns.

During the UK lockdown, more than 45 million people were active online. They are all seeing ads from companies on some of the digital channels. A vast number like this mustn’t be ignored. Business owners should invest in their digital presence just a little, and they’ll see a magnificent return from their investments.

If their campaigns are done right, success is inevitable.

Wrapping up

The times when marketing was divided in two is over. Digital marketing completely took over the game during Covid-19 and the UK lockdown. People moved online leading to a rise in online marketing.

MyDigitalEgo has the experience you need in handling the vast demand. Give us a call and see what we can do for your business.

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