Hiring a Web Designer and Building a Website from Scratch is the Foundation of Every Modern Business

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Did you know that around 30% of all UK SME businesses do not have a website? With everything around us being digital, hiring a web designer is simply a must for business owners.

At the same time, more than 96% of the UK population has internet access, which means that all these people are potential customers. Not having a website hands over your target audience to your competition!

A good-looking website builds the brand

When people go to the business’s website, they are going to either enjoy it or dislike it. Depending on this, they might leave immediately or stay and surf on it. Those who are going to stay will have a great chance to be converted into customers.

The design of the website is crucial. Not everyone can create a piece of art, and therefore, there are professional web designers out there. Hiring them is a must when you’re building the page. They know how to deal with problems while building the page.

Here at My Digital Ego, we have pro web designers that truly know how to deal with these problems. The result will be a great looking page that will attract and please visitors. Happy visitors, as we said, means growing the business and building a long list of clients.

Building a website has more stages

Every web designer knows that building a website from scratch is a complex task. Certain rules need to be followed. If they don’t, then the entire page will look like a mess. Even if they pull out a good look at the beginning, it might be impossible to update it later.

Here are some ground rules that our web designers follow, and what we believe is great foundation for a perfectly looking webpage:

  1. Unique approach

Every business is different. Every business owner too. It is the job of the web designer to understand the ideas, visions, and objectives of the business owner. Based on their needs and wishes, they must build the website.

Having several meetings to discuss details is a must as the web designer must perfectly understand what the client wants. Every business deserves a unique approach, and that’s what we’re doing at MDE.

When the draft is finalized, the web designer will start working on the page. It’s also crucial for the entire project to differ from anything else out there on the internet. Of course, it is impossible to achieve total uniqueness because there are literally millions of websites, but creative and original designs are a must.

The website must be one of a kind. The choice of colours, themes, fonts, and content must be made entirely and exclusively for this new website. Nothing should be copied from other places. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

  1. Visual hierarchy

The web designers and the graphic designers collaborate to come up with the best solutions for the page. These solutions must follow the visual hierarchy rules.

But what does visual hierarchy mean?

It means that the creator of the website can come up with a hierarchy that will make people focus on some things first, rather than others. For example, this article right here has a banner that is written in a bright pink colour attracting the attention of the reader. That’s because we want our readers to know what they are reading about.

The same rule is applied throughout the website for any client. Whatever they think is the most important to be highlighted, the web designer and the graphic designer will create a solution that will follow this rule.

  1. Minimalism and readability

Minimalism is trending right now. It is also the best way to approach a web site these days because the attention span of the visitors is getting shorter by the day. The average attention span of UK visitors is around 15 seconds.

It means that if you don’t show them exactly what they need within this time frame, you’re losing them as clients. Now imagine having a web site on which there are tons of images and titles to different landing pages on both sides. The visitor will be out of their mind with all this information and will simply quit.

The attention span is even lower in the younger generation. The Gen Zs are not going to waste their time if they see an overcrowded page, but they’ll quit and search for another solution on the search engines.

Minimalism, readability, and pointing to the exact information you offer as valuable to your visitors are based on facts. Our web designers follow the trends, and they are going to build a slick and simple page that is going to aim straight at the point.

  1. Applying perfect navigation

Unless the project requires something else, the website should have a clear menu with options that will redirect the visitor to the place they might be interested in. A contact page and an about us page, are mandatory. Everything else is additional.

If the business offers services or products, they must have menu bars that are going to redirect to these places. They shouldn’t be hidden and make the visitor search for them. The simplest and shortest path to the shopping cart is best.

  1. Live testing

When the website is ready, it’s time for testing. There’s never enough testing. Every website consists of tons of tiny pieces that might not be working at some point. It’s the web designer’s job to find these issues and fix them.

Big corporate web sites with thousands of landing pages will need dedicated UX and UI designers to look for these problems and find ways to improve them. Small and medium enterprises who are just rising from the bottom will not need them. Some testing after the website is live will be just enough for them.

What questions to ask when hiring a web designer as an SME owner?

Hiring a web designer is easy. There are tons of them available out there on platforms hosting freelancers. Hiring the one that will do the right job and make a valuable product is something else. Here are a few questions to ask when hiring a web designer:

  • Will my page be unique?
  • When it will be done?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • Will you maintain my website in the future?
  • What am I supposed to provide?
  • Will you promote it to the consumers?

When you go to those freelance pages we mentioned, you’ll get answers that are not going to make you happy, except for the pricing one. Freelance web designers will deliver, but you won’t be able to fully rely on them.

On the other hand, hiring My Digital Ego as a company that has marketing experts, graphic designers, content managers, and pro web designers means getting a full package.

Wrapping Up

Even the simplest web site is better than having no website. If you’re a business owner that still has no personal page, it is time to do something about it. Find a great web designer or an agency providing one and build one for the first time.

Many businesses gain tons of customers because of their digital presence. Call us today and see what kind of website we can create for you!

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