How social media will change and evolve in the future?

social media in the future

Social media is a massive part of our lives. We spend countless hours searching for interesting topics, talking to friends, watching videos, and doing many more activities on our devices. Naturally, we are all interested in the future trends of something that has such an impact on our life. Here are some interesting ways that social media will change in the future.

1. A focus on relationships on social media in the future

One of the first social platforms with this purpose was Friendster for forming and maintaining friendships. Even though Myspace and Facebook also started with this idea in mind, these platforms turned to personal branding rather than focusing on meaningful relationships.

The way that social media may fix this is through maintaining an algorithm that favours personal pictures, family achievements and other elements that are closer to good relationship values. 

2. Changing up personal posts on social media

Until now many posts have been limited to outside material, pictures, videos and text. With the implementation of video and gifs to make posts more interesting and interactive, it’s clear that this trend will continue.

3. Users will pay for peace in the future

As you may have already noticed with the ‘pay for no ads’ option on YouTube and other platforms, this is very much happening. Premium service will make a splash and two things will happen to change that previous wisdom. First, with a more personal, story-driven experience, customers will want high-quality images, videos and audio files stored for posterity. Second, having a place to escape constant advertisements will become very important, something a premium social media experience will offer.

4. Different types of groups

Groups will only rise in value. Why is this? Since people were seeing the wrong posts all the time it built frustration. The best way to eradicate this is by creating a special place were they can always find what they are looking for. That’s the way groups work for people and why social media will undoubtedly concentrate on this.

5. Privacy will matter a lot more in the future

Privacy concerns have plagued social media since its inception and are only getting more pronounced. It is expected of social media privacy to get even better in the future.

6. Less gamification

New platforms will aim to give more meaning to personal information, rather than trying to grab your attention with gamified actions on their platforms. As demand turns towards giving personal connections a larger value, it also creates a trend of what the whole future would look like. 

7. Building Legacy

Imagine kids burying a time capsule and finding it 30 years later filled with their pictures and meaningful memories. That’s another role that social media platforms will develop. As they will act as a time capsule gathering all the possible details that will one day have a whole other meaning.

8. Open to experimentation

The main social media giants are slow, lumbering machines, resistant to change, and unbearably clumsy when they do change.

In the future models of the upcoming social media, it is expected of them to be fast developing and always open to change. Surely this will only better their competitive structure and will only gain more loyal users. These users will enjoy such changes and may even demand them.

9. Filtering

Another important thing is the post-filtering. As platforms allow many types of posts to stray along with their feeds, it can be problematic. When negative and even aggressive posts become popular misinformation can be shared on an important scale. This is something that is worth working on. For example, companies will treat a post as an influencer’s post if it goes over a certain interval, which will then go under inspection for elements such as misinformation, hate speech, and many more.

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