Having a Live Web Chat Feature is a Must for Business Websites

Live Web Chat

Technology is expanding at a tremendous pace. Businesses need to constantly adapt to new inventions that are making them work better. It’s never easy to switch from traditional to modern, but the adjustment provides many new possibilities. One of these new features coming from the tech world is the live web chat feature.

The live web chat feature is a tiny typing bar usually located on the bottom right or bottom left side of the business website. It provides users with the chance to ask a question and receive an immediate answer. Most business pages have not yet installed a live web chat feature.

In this blog post, we share the secrets of the live web chat and explain why this is important. With dozens of pages optimized for a live web chat experience, we already know what the benefits are, and how businesses earn from having it.

1. Live web chat helps hesitating customers

Not everyone that lands on the website will purchase there and then. Most consumers will only look around and leave. Some portion of these visitors will click the cart button. To make this number higher, sometimes customers need a little ‘push’.

The Covid-19 crisis encouraged consumers shop online. According to stats, 69% of consumers prefer shopping with sellers who provide live web chat support.

That means the business will sell almost 2/3 more if they have someone the customers can talk to while shopping on their page. That’s nearly seven pounds added to every 10 pounds of purchases!

2. It is the most affordable customer care

Today’s technology provides chatbots as an alternative to the standard customer care program. Installing an artificially intelligent robot to your website cuts all additional expenses for it. The only problem is – consumers prefer live chat rather than robots.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably want a combination of the two. If you’re on a budget, the chatbot will be perfect for you. It will provide customer care that will be fast and cost-effective.

The live web chat option supported by an agency will provide a much different approach. People don’t like talking to robots. In fact, 29% of them hate when they realise the support is automated and feel unappreciated. That 29% are lost, and we can’t expect them to convert.

Chatbots are highly valuable because of their speed. Consumers expect to receive an answer when they write to a business profile or chat almost immediately. Stats show that 82% of them see immediate answers as important or highly important when they are about to buy something.

3. A live web chat feature makes the page look fresh

Having a live web chat on your website will make your business stand our amongst your competition. Pages that have live web chats are considered updated, present, and refreshed regularly.

The overall user experience is extremely valuable. More time spent on the site raises the chance for a purchase.

4. Builds customer satisfaction and raises retention

Live web chat may provide fast response and quality answers. The bots, no matter how well designed they are and no matter how strong their AI technology is, will never be able to answer the consumers’ questions with perfect accuracy.

Hiring an agency that will have a person ready to answer during the pick of consumers on the site means having tons of happy visitors. That is highly valuable for having these customers purchase and come back again later.

Customer retention is extremely valuable for all companies. Loyal customers are going to spend 67% more on average than those coming in for the first time. If the person behind the live web chat is helpful, and makes the visitor time more enjoyable on the page, they are likely to come back.

5. Millennials love live web chats

Consumers born between the early 80s and the middle of the 90s are labelled ‘millennials’. They have the largest spending power in the UK right now.

Reports tell us that 75% of millennials prefer written communication rather than talking on the phone. It means that they are way more likely to convert into customers if they have the chance to ask a question through the chat. If you put in the option to call an employee, they won’t do it, and you won’t make the sale.

With 12.36% million millennials in the UK, it’s understandable that this shouldn’t be ignored. They make around 35% of the workforce in the country, so paying attention to their shopping affinities may be highly valuable for the business.

6. Provides lead generation opportunities

The live web chat has many possibilities and opportunities, including acting as customer support. One of the things that are highly valuable in the business world is acquiring leads.

This can be done by asking visitors to enter their mail address and send a message to the website’s live chat manager. That immediately puts this email address on the list. Later, a newsletter can be sent to all these contacts raising the chance of getting them back to the page.

How we install and manage live web chat software?

At My Digital Ego, our experts are highly experienced in implementation and maintaining live chat. We also provide 24/7 support for the customers to the web chat.

Depending on the package, we can provide non-stop stop support so whenever a customer writes, there will be someone to answer their request. For other packages, we provide a ticket-based feature. After asking a question via live chat, the user will receive an automated message, letting them know they will receive an answer as soon as possible.

This will be answered as soon as an agent is available. Customers can be offered the chance to send an email and get the answer through the same channel. It all depends on what our client prefers.

Chance for perfect insight on client behaviour

A key benefit to having a live web chat on your website is the chance to have detailed insight into the client behaviour. You get a full transcript of the communication, so you can see what clients ask for and what they like or dislike.

Based on this information, you can make the necessary changes to your website. If there are more comments about your products, prices, or ways of doing business, you’ll easily get a closer insight and act accordingly.

Wrapping up

In 2021 every business owning a website should have a live web chat. We offer this feature because we understand how valuable it is for companies. Based on what we’ve seen so far, clients that opted for this service see a big difference in getting leads and making sales.

Contact us if you want to know more about this feature or of course, drop us a line on our live web chat!

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