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Get more online sales with our fully supported live web chat

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More than 1 billion messages are sent from customers to businesses, every year, making live chat the future of communication…

Our live chat can transform your website, offering 24/7 availability, providing an enhanced user experience, including a ticketing system to manage queries and issues and optimised conversion.

Increase visitor time on site, improve user experience and drive conversion with our live agent plug in.

Improved web performance and conversion

Give every visitor who lands on your site a personalised experience with our plug in. The subtle icon sits bottom right, offering a superior user experience and ability for live interaction with our agent. This will drive site conversion and data acquisition through offering a slick and professional user experience.

Improved customer retention and brand image

Our web chat delivers a fit-for-purpose ticketing system, along with best-practice processes, helps organisations prevent major incidents from becoming a very public reality. We set up workflows to delegate tickets, measure the response time of the agents and set goals for them in order to keep them motivated to deliver quality customer care and service.

Saved time and money.

Downtime is money. IT professionals waste less time on unnecessary manual processes, freeing up valuable time for more important work. With our web chat solution we free you up of the customer handling, providing solution in a timely manner, escalating the tickets when needed and provide you with transcripts which are proves of our efficient service.

Better support & happier customers

By systematically capturing tickets through web chat and categorising them correctly, a ticketing system allows for proper management of incidents leading to quicker resolution times. We operate round the clock, having workflows that dictate every question and requirement is dedicated onto an active agent in out of office hours. And if you require an out of office approach and certain times – we create tickets that will be chased as soon as active and answered in the best manner, so your customers never have a question in mind about your brands’ timely response.

Our Live Web Chat ticketing software includes:

Get more online sales with our fully supported web chat from £90 p/m