The Importance of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local SEO for Businesses

The importance of SEO is evident for every business, however local SEO is perfect for small businesses.

What’s Local SEO?   

Local SEO is a very significant part of global Search Engine Optimization. Its focus is on improving the visibility of the business on a local and small-scale level. In other words, the search results that do appear are more centered on local ‘near me’ questions. If a person is searching for a product orservice, thanks to the local SEO, Google will hand out results within the geographical limits of the city in which the person is in. Thanks to local SEO, small businesses can increase their customer visibility, developing a better chance of promoting themselves on a local scale. This is a good practice both for the business in question and for the customer. For the small business it allows for better exposure and visibility, and for the customer, it shortens the search time.   

The Importance of Local SEO for Your Small Business  

Increased visibility on a local scale is immeasurable, however there are other benefits of having local SEO. According to Catchupdates, the effectiveness of the search is truly a key asset. In an era where time is money, there’s no better benefit than shortening the time in order to find out what you need. This also applies to the brick-and-mortar type of businesses, not just online. For example, if you have a store in a city, just by having a good local SEO, will make it easier for the customers to locate you. The IP address on the customer’s phone or laptop will do the rest.   

Outranking Your Competitors Is Fun!  

Managing a small business is not easy. There will inevitably be competitors, trying to outsell and put you out of business. However, there are also ways to avoid all that, and having local SEO is a great start. According to Hurrdamarketing, half of the Google searches, are very specific and targeted local searches.

Google gives out a local search, instead of a global one. So, thanks to the local SEO you can outrank and outsmart your competitors. This is not just helpful for the customer, it’s also a cost-effective way to get more exposure for your small business. There are over 50 billion SEO searches per month and having a local SEO (along with the ever-changing Google’s algorithm) will help narrow the search for everyone.

Build Brand Awareness!   

The quickest and most efficient way to get things done is through local SEO. If your small business pops up at the top of its search, it’s most likely that the customers will be flooding your door. Why? This is due to brand awareness, proximity to the location and of course the availability that you’ve created all thanks to the local SEO.   

Connect With Customers!  

Having a local SEO means a lot more local exposure, of course. But having more local exposure means a lot more digital interaction with the customers that are searching for your business.There are benefits of gaining exposure, however this means taking on brand responsibility. For example, the possibility of online negative feedback. You certainly don’t want to alienate your customers, nor you want to annoy them. Stay connected with them even in your replies to their comments and feedback. This can be done on Yelp, Linkedin, Glassdoor and so many other platforms.   

Growing a Local and Loyal Following

While most businesses would like to choose the go big or go home mentality, it’s best to start small. Growing a local yet small following is rewarding, and just by doing it slow and steady (and with the help of the local SEO) will increase your chances of success. Having a loyal following is possible by starting small and locally. With the customers that will hopefully grow to appreciate your brand. Loyal followers are a huge asset when building one’s brand, and why not start with the ones that are in your proximity? Yes, having a globally recognizable brand is everyone’s dream, but even the globally recognizable brands started small. Be patient and try to nurture your loyal customers. Especially those around you. The success of your business depends on them.  

Bottom line: 

Local SEO is key to business growth, creating customer awareness and trust. Even the greatest businesses started small, so don’t be afraid to put your trust in local SEO.  Give us a call to find out more on how we can improve your brand’s digital discoverability.

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