How Covid-19 Reshaped the Marketing Initiatives of Businesses

Marketing Initiatives

It’s been over a year since the Covid-19 crisis hit. Looking back provides us with a chance to see what we’ve all been through in 2020.

With this tragic pandemic, over a million people died as a result of coronavirus, and the global economy plummeted. The estimates say that it shrunk by 4.4%.

Unemployment rates in the UK are now at 5.4%. Businesses have had to adapt or face permanent closure, whilst the tourism sector hit hard. Many companies have faced 90% less work and had to close their businesses.

Let’s get digital

When we said businesses had to adapt, we meant go digital. Every traditional company has had to find a solution to put them on the internet map.

We spoke more about this in Digital Marketing During Coronavirus. Companies who managed to convert their business online fast saw an equally successful 2020 as the years before. Why? People stayed home and used the internet for their daily needs, from food ordering to administrative tasks.

Tech giants had a very successful year

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, PayPal succeeded, with a tremendous rise in profits.

All of them work online, and although they had many customers before, their number jumped tremendously as the pandemic locked everyone in their homes. For example, Nvidia, the world-famous graphic processor design company, saw a 108% rise in their stocks.

It’s obvious why – because people stay at home and play video games.

Technology is taking over

You’ve surely heard about the term Virtual Reality. VR is something commonly seen in sci-fi movies, but today it is also part of our lives.

We mentioned the travel and holiday industries that suffered tremendously during 2020. Some companies managed to save what can be saved by implementing VR into their offers.

VR is a technology that took off in 2016, but it was not nearly close to what it has become today. A US marketing company working with travel agencies managed to seize the momentum by providing VR tours of the locations around the world to those who can’t go on a holiday.

The main man behind the project, Steve Perillo, says they had great success with it. With the implementation of 5G networks across the world and providing internet speeds 100 times faster than before, it’s clear that all businesses can go digital and make a difference in their work.

Digital marketing initiatives adapt too

Marketing and technology are now deeply connected. Through modern technology, people now reach many available digital channels.

MyDigitalEgo is a digital marketing agency, aware of world trends. We are continuously adapting and redirecting our campaigns to keep up with the ever changing market. It’s imperative to do this, if we want to see our clients’ businesses flourish.

We’re currently offering digital design solutions that will reach potential customers online.

Traditional marketing is rapidly dying

Traditional marketing includes ads in newspapers, TV and radio commercials, trade conventions, direct mailing, and commercial spots. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, there has been a significant reduction in traditional marketing.

The rest of the media, like newspapers, TV, and radio, are becoming obsolete mediums. Younger demographic are online interacting with ads, as opposed to reading a newspaper or magazine.

TV, radio, and papers are typically consumed only by older generations. The millennials and Gen Z are internet-focused.

Gen Z is 22 years old now, and the millennials are at 38. That makes a vast portion of consumers who make traditional marketing useless. The older generations still have a big buying power, though.

What is interesting here is that older millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, now have kids of their own. According to research, 93% of the buying decisions these parents make are influenced or made by their children.

Online buying decisions are influenced by digital ads, rather than commercials in traditional mediums.

Covid-19 pushed everyone in the smartphone screens

Smartphones are the go-to for lockdown entertainment, with 4.2 billion people active on social media right now. Compared to this time last year, there are almost 500 million more active people, or some 13% rise. According to stats, 98,8% of people access social media through their smartphones.

Marketing initiatives are changed to satisfy trends

Marketers see the numbers, so marketing strategies and initiatives must be changed following them. To make clients happy and see their businesses grow, digital marketing agencies need to think in different directions.

With today’s obvious online presence, strategic marketing initiatives require brainstorming about how to use the vast internet population for their needs. The initiative is digitally focused, so the traditional forms should be excluded.

Every digital marketing initiative starts with research on what the business is about and how it can profit best from a marketing campaign. When marketers start a project, they connect with their clients, because the success of the client is their success too.

Depending on the client’s budget, a campaign can use paid advertising on social media,whilst also using personal social media profiles and SEO.Here at MDE, we have some highly affordable solutions that can truly make a change for your business.

Our focus is on providing a strong online presence and building a recognisable website. The digital design of your website, your social media presence, and proper SEO can make a difference.

Why is this important?

Perfectly tailored website

There are thousands of businesses operating without a website, however in the current climate, this is no longer encouraged. Running a business without a great looking and smoothly functional website is impossible.

Through a personal web page, businesses can communicate with customers, drive sales, and share its story. You need a great-working digital marketing agency, such as MDE, to build this website for you. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Social media presence

YouTube is the UK number one social medium with 82% of people reporting to use it. Right after it, there’s Facebook with 80%, WhatsApp with 79%, and Instagram with 76%.

Around 45 million people use social media in the UK, so the significance of building a strong social media presence is obvious.

Some business owners think that social media marketing is an easy job, and they can do it alone. Social media marketing is science, and there are rules to make things work. For example, too little posting on social media will make you invisible, but too much posting will put you in the social media jail.

Your social media will allow you to discover leads for your business. Leads will ultimately turn into profits.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the only way to boost your website on search engines. Why is this important? When a consumer needs a product, they ‘Google’ it. For your product to reach customers, your business must be visible.

The stats say the first result on the search engine page gets around 28.5% of all the clicks. The first three are at 55%. The rest is across all the other millions of results. Your business needs to be up there.

If it does go up there, you’ll get tons of people rushing to your page and see what you have to offer. Let’s say that you’re selling shoes. Every month, the word ‘shoes’ is being Googled 97,000 in the UK alone. In the world, this number is at 1.1 million.

Selling shoes and going online means you’re getting a global market of over a million people. If you manage to be the first result when someone searches for shoes, you’ll get 285 thousand people on your website looking to buy shoes. That’s rather impressive.

How to build your digital strategy during Covid?

By turning to a digital marketing agency such as MyDigitalEgo. We understand the needs of our clients, and we know how to raise their online presence.

Times have changed, meaning businesses and consumers need to adapt and embrace new technology.

Every business can excel in 2021 if the right strategy is used. At My Digital Ego, we can supercharge your brand and make your business become digitally discoverable.

Give us a call. Ask how we can make a difference.

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