A Ten Step Guide on Raising Your Online Presence

Online presence

In today’s digital era, an incredible Instagram ad can reach more prospects than your average city billboard. Having an online presence is more valuable than ever.

At My Digital Ego, our aim is to help your startup succeed. Keep reading for our ten-step guide on raising your online presence.

Building a marketing strategy

Every business must have a digital marketing strategy; however, we understand that not every business owner is a marketing specialist.

Hiring a professional digital marketing agency will help you, as online marketing is becoming more valuable and continuing to grow each day.

The average consumer attention span for traditional marketing solutions in 2011 was 453 minutes. For digital, it was only 214.

Today, traditional marketing is now attracting the attention of consumers for only 369 minutes. Digital ads captured people’s attention for 363 minutes.

Consumers are more likely to spend time looking at ads on the internet, than anywhere else.

Without a proper digital presence strategy, business will lack traffic to their website. Why not head to our website and check out the solutions we offer.

Setting up a functional website

Did you know, around two million businesses in the UK do not have a website?

In today’s digital era, businesses have been forced to adopt a ‘use it or lose it strategy’. More than 250,000 businesses are facing closure.

In other words, it is impossible to run a successful business without owning a website.

MyDigitalEgo can fix you up with a professional website in no time.

Growing brand awareness

In every marketing strategy, creating brand awareness must in your game plan. Brands that are easily recognized acquire higher sales.

Digital marketing agencies must create brand recognition that will drive more sales.

Already existing businesses with weak brand recognition must consider rebranding. This involves a new logo, creating a new website, setting a new tone and brand personality, and a new aggressive marketing strategy in general.

Here at MDE, we have professionals available to do this for clients.

Reach potential clients and retain existing ones

Do you know what the Pareto principle is? Also known as the 80/20 rule, this principle was invented by the Italian economist, sociologist, engineer, political scientist, and philosopher, Vilfredo Pareto.

80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. The best thing about it is that it can be implemented in nearly anything surrounding us. It is an economic term, but it is widely used in marketing too.

In our case, it proves that 80% of the purchases for a brand come through 20% of the most loyal customers. In other words, companies make far more profits from existing and returning customers who are happy with the brand, than new customers who are introduced to the brand for the first time.

It’s far easier to retain happy customers than get new ones, however startups must actively reach out to customers to hit the ground running.

This is done through aggressive marketing campaigns going live on social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns, writing newsletters, and many others.

Feel free to ask us about this.

Provide thorough competitor research

Do your competitor research. You need to know where similar companies are headed, to be able to predict future trends for your own.

Digital marketing agencies use a set of tools and techniques for digging deep into the niche you’re working in.

Check out our blog, How Competition Monitoring Can Improve Your Business for more information.

To successfully carry out this task, you need true professionals and analysts. My Digital Ego covers all of this, and recommends an action plan going forward.

Personalize your approach to customers

Personalizing the business’s approach to customers is highly valuable for the growth of the entire company. Stats show that 71% of people feel frustrated if they don’t receive a personalized approach.

An additional 72% of consumers only engage with personalized messages, and 91% say that they’ll buy from brands that offer something relevant to them.

These numbers show how crucial personalizing the approach toward customers is. Creating a new ad must speak directly to the customers, instead of highlighting their product as number one in the world.

Businesses that communicate with customers through their webpages must have personalised customer relationship management. Chatbots are capable of answering the most commonly asked questions from customers in real-time.

When there’s something that the bot can’t answer, they’ll transfer the conversation to the IT management sector of the digital agency taking care of the business.

Research showed that 82% of customers expect to get an immediate answer when they ask companies a question online. The longer they wait, the worse experience they get. Poor experience means less chance of getting a customer.

Make your brand rule search engines

Search engine optimization is key.

With SEO, businesses get recognition and are seen by the broad public searching for products or information on search engines.

According to experts, on Google only, 5.8 billion searches are performed every day. Billions of results are available for most search queries. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of information.

Users choose to open only some of the first few results that come up. Having a business means doing everything you can to get yourself up there in those first few results for some queries.

Digital marketing agencies must have an SEO professional that will help with getting a page up there. With constant work, lots of analysis, implementing the needed changes, and playing smart, a company can rate higher and get recognition.

SEO is the marathon in the number of marketing racing competitions. However, those who are winning in this marathon will see a valuable reward. Companies see thousands of visitors coming through Google and the rest of the search engines because they managed to do a great job.

Numbers never lie, and the first three results in Google get more than 60% of the visits. The first organic result sees 28.5% of all clicks. The second one is at 15.7%.

Having 10,000 people search for your product a day, if you’re the first result they see, it means you’ll get around 2850 people coming to your website. That’s quite impressive.

Check our blog post for SEO in Digital Marketing to learn more about it.

Share your expertise through content creation

Content marketing is used in many forms – blog posts, infographics, social media posts, emails, e-books, etc. They are all valuable and help tremendously in the marketing process. Unfortunately, business owners have little time to do this.

Digital marketing agencies, such as MDE, have professional writers to do this as a collaborative process with clients. We listen to our client’s vision and use this information to tailor bespoke content. This content is setting the tone of the company and helps in generating more leads. The leads ultimately transfer to sales.

Give us a call to discuss more on this subject.

Use social media for self-promotion

In today’s digital era, social media platforms rule the marketing world. Every serious company must have its page on the most popular and influential social networks.

This is not merely a trend, but an opportunity for leads and sales. Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly users. It’s an enormous possibility for everyone. No business can afford to ignore it.

We offer affordable solutions for improving your social media presence. Catchy phrases and attractive posts can go viral. That means reaching thousands, if not millions of consumers.

Constant overview and analysis

The best digital marketing companies are overviewing the growth of their clients constantly. They have an insight look of how many people are visiting their pages daily, how customers react to their product promotion posts and analyze how to improve certain segments.


There are 46.6 million internet users in the UK, (nearly 70% of the entire population).

Those aged between 25 and 34 are 100% online present.

My Digital Ego are here to help your brand become digitally discoverable.

From brand awareness to posting the best social media posts. From building a perfect looking webpage to competitor research that gives you an advantage.

Get in touch and let us tell your digital story to the world!

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