Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During A Pandemic

Social Media Do's and Don'ts

The ongoing and seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic brought on a set of new rules. And with the pandemic came a new set of social media do’s and don’ts that every marketeer must follow. But what are the new rules of social media? And do they apply to everyone in these troubling times? Well, we have some insight into that. Make sure to scroll down to find out.

What Are The Social Media Dos And Don’ts In A Pandemic?

Before we jump into the do’s and don’ts of social media, let’s look back at what this past year has taught us. What has changed and what we learned from this year filled with quarantines, curfews and constant fear of the unknown? Furthermore, the „new normal“ as some of us are calling the COVID-19 existence brought on some new changes.

Remote work became a new normal. And for plenty of us in the workforce as well. And while some of us love remote work, some really can’t adapt and acclimate to the new rules. Furthermore, there’s the social distancing that is imposed upon us. And yes. The social distancing rules and the mandatory masks have really taken a toll on us.

But if there’s anything that we learned is that humanity is more than capable to survive and persevere. Through adversity and hardship. Even though global pandemics such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. But does that mean that every aspect of our society managed to adapt? Well, social media certainly did. And for some businesses, it even made the transition smoother. Nevertheless, even in these troubling times, there are certain do’s and don’ts that every social media marketer needs to obey. Some of them are common sense, while others are mandated by the current development.

So, with that in mind… Which are the social media do’s and don’ts? During a pandemic?

Let’s start with the positives, shall we? We’ve had plenty of negativity this past year, so it’s most fitting if we start with the dos. Don’t you think?

The Dos Of Social Media:

Do be caring, thoughtful and useful!

Look, the world has changed, this past year. A lot. And with the new rules, came a new batch of responsibilities. So, it only makes sense that social media changes with it. Much like Yikkety Yack suggests, your audience is more than just an arbitrary number. And behind those numbers are people. People who’ve been affected by the pandemic in various ways. Some were laid off from their jobs, while others lost their business ventures. Hey, some even lost family members or friends to COVID-19. But the good news in all of this is that social media needs to become a lot more caring and useful. Especially in times like these. Humility and common sense need to prevail. And every notion of frivolous, ostentatious and sense-ss displays of the exact opposite was shunned.

And if you’re an employer, double on the thoughtfulness. And find ways to become even more useful. Hopefully, the Pandemic will be over soon, but until the pandemic is behind us, it’s good to know if your employees are comfortable working from home. And not just your employees. Your customers as well. Not everyone is comfortable switching back to the old ways. So, a nice, caring attitude is always good to have. Don’t you think?

Do nurture your connections, audience and your clients!

Especially during the Pandemic! Engage with them. Connect with them. Never let them feel like they’re going through these difficult times alone! And as always do that with a nice and positive attitude. Show them how you or your business can help to improve during the pandemic. Be more proactive and creative about your approach. But as always keep it simple. A simple update from your business or a thank you note for purchasing your merchandise is enough to make the audience feel special. And when you do engage with the audience through social media, maintain a compassionate, empathetic, positive approach. Honesty is of course your best policy, and yes. Be as honest (and simple) as you can be with the audience engagement. Most of us can really tell when we’re lied to. And manipulated as well. And yes. As Cobalt Workspace suggests, not every engagement needs to be transferred into a business opportunity. Sometimes the simple question of „How are you today “, works out just fine. And sometimes, just checking on your audience is the best engagement of all. It’s as simple as that.

And There Are The Don’ts:

Don’t Exploit The Pandemic For Your Personal Gains!

In other words… Don’t get greedy, and certainly don’t try to capitalize on the pandemic. It’s a bad strategy for your business and it can come back to haunt you. Indeed, nobody likes a profiteer, and your brand, your image and your career can suffer because of it. There’s no room for deception in these critical times, and every attempt of doing that will cost you. And if you’re affected by the Pandemic as well, a simple honest information is enough to keep your audience informed. Don’t spread panic, or worse. Misinformation about your business or the pandemic. There’s really a fine line between being business savvy and being exploitative. Oh, and since the pandemic hit hard on the global economy, don’t be careless about the expenses of others. Especially your audience. A big chunk of your audience has lost their jobs, and perhaps their life savings. Don’t add salt to the wounds and try to be mindful of the client’s budget.

Don’t Overstay Your On-Line Welcome!

That’s true for your social media presence and your general presence as well. Don’t overdo it, and don’t spread out everywhere. It’s good to remain present on social media. But there’s a limit on how much you can publish on a daily basis. You really don’t want to annoy your customers with constant posts, messages, or newsletters. Furthermore, it can also have a very opposite effect on your business. Sure, your intent may be honest, but your actions tell a very different story. So, try and find a balance in your social media presence. Moderation is truly your best friend here. Don’t overstay your welcome. Nobody wants a pushover who constantly brags about their business.

And speaking of spreading out everywhere… Yes, there’s no shortage of social media platforms. For a digital marketeer, it’s the ultimate playground. But you can’t spread out to every possible social media platform. Well, you can, but it’s ill-advised. That moderation we’re talking about applies even to the number of social media platforms you use.

According to Jackson Spalding’s blog, the best strategy for you is to know your audience and connect with them through proper social media platforms. The younger generation may connect better with TikTok, while the older generation with Twitter and Facebook. However, this is not an invitation to use every possible social media platform out there. There’s a huge chance that you’ll just confuse your audience. Or worse… Alienate your audience. But having a clear vision and understanding of your audience is the key. And knowing your brand won’t hurt either. Promoting your brand aimlessly on social media will not have the desired effect if you don’t know who should be targeting. So, take some time, and invest in some good old research. Find out who your audience is can make or break your social media campaign.

Bottom Line: Social Media Do’s and Don’ts In The COVID-19 Times

Kindness, empathy and understanding are always good virtues to have. Regardless of your position and regardless of your digital marketing strategy. The tone and the intent of your digital marketing strategy can affect your brand (or your career) in both ways. Both positive and negative. But engagement in these troubling times is also key. It’s good both for you and your audience. Nurturing a positive engagement with the audience is key, and there’s always room for empathy and honesty. However, overstaying your online welcome is a thing, and it can affect you negatively. So, try to no overdo your stay on social media. Keep it simple and respectful. Some of your audience had it worse than you, so try to be mindful and caring when you’re engaging. You can maintain your professionalism and candour during times of hardship. Even though a global Pandemic such as the one that we’re experiencing right now.

And as usual, My Digital Ego can do take care of your social media needs. We’re equipped with the finest digital marketers, and all you have to do is set up an appointment. Do it now, and watch your business shine.

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