Social Media Management

Turning social into sales.
Digital marketing packages from £350 p/m

Social Media Management

We manage social channels proactively and professionally, promoting brands and telling their story, speaking direct to their target audience, creating engagement, traffic and sales.

With the recent increased adoption of technology due to forced restrictions, every day a million more people are flocking to social media globally, with 45 million users in the UK alone. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to speak directly their audience and potential customers. 

At My Digital Ego, we deliver a complete, end to end social solution, we listen, engage, monitor, manage, post and create. 

MDE Lite

£ 350 Month
  • 15 posts with social management
  • 1 Blog/post article creation
  • Site audit and review
  • Monthly report & review

MDE Activate

£ 600 Month
  • 20 posts testing different social platforms
  • 2 Blog/post article creation
  • Site audit and review
  • Monthly report & review

MDE Enhance

£ 1000 Month
  • 25 social posts with targeting
  • 3 Blog/post article creation
  • Digital asset creation I.E. Video
  • Site audit and review
  • Monthly report & review

From simple time-consuming tasks, professional content creation to carefully listening and researching about your marketplace, audience and brand reputation. 

By doing deep key word research, listening and learning about your audience, their behaviours, likes and dislikes, we can deliver optimised content at the right time to engage and spark a conversation and interest.

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Put simply, we make sure you are seen, heard and on trend at all times, then manage any responses, driving traffic and brand awareness.


Why social

Social media has become one of the key platforms for modern businesses to promote and grow their brand. Now is the time to utilise the power of social media to your advantage and see how My Digital Ego can transform your digital presence. The sheer volume of users with 66% of population actively using it at an average of 2.5 hours a day means the biggest risk to businesses is not using social to grow your business.  

One of the main opportunities social presents is in the nurturing of existing audiences and rewarding them with insightful and engaging content. This creates deeper, more meaningful connection with audiences, before you ask them to make a purchase, they feel connected and informed.

We use social media as a key digital channel to create leads and web traffic to clients  website, managing any responses and listening to customers and competitors to build an equity in your brand.

A well-managed social media presence can:

Key stats 75% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand because of a positive social media engagement.

Average person in the UK spends 2.5 hours a day on social, which increases significantly when the age is reduced.

Turning social into sales.
Digital marketing packages from £350 p/m