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for the digital economy

We remove the associated expense of digital transformation and online marketing, connecting every stage of the buying process. Each stage seamlessly integrating with the next step, offering efficiencies and optimizations. Keeping costs down and delivering sustainable, smart solutions to help business grow, finding and converting customers and critically, retaining them.

Engaging With Audiences At Every Stage
Of The Consumer Buying Process

Engaging with audiences at every stage of the consumer buying process

Optimising at every touch point through our all-encompassing, integrated approach. Our products plug into every step of the consumer journey:

1. Initial problem and need identification

Social is the meeting place. The first step is to increase brand awareness and have a strong social presence.  Consumers are spending more time on social – an average of 2 and a half hours a day, which significantly increases for younger age groups. Every brand needs to be there, creating conversation and increasing the visibility of the business.

We create and post regular, quality content, monitoring and responding to any comments, listening to competitors, posting relevant articles and sharing brands story.

2. Evaluation and research phase

Searching shows intent. Consumers are using google to solve their problems, researching products and searching for services more than ever. There are over 2 trillion queries a day on google, with the average person making 3- 4 searches a day. Brands need to be aligned to this behaviour – it represents a huge opportunity to get in front of a captive audience, actively searching for your product or service.

We develop content and write landing pages, articles and assets with a focus on relevant audience key words and queries, making sites appear higher in organic search results. 

3. Purchase

Driving onsite conversion.  Once customers have landed on site, they need a clear customer journey to persuade them to purchase or leave their details.  The value of online retail sales in the UK is estimated to reach just below 100 billion British pounds in 2020. Every site should make it easy as possible to find the information, leave details or make a purchase, with a a mobile-first experience.

We drive purchase and user experience through conversion tactics, landing page creation and seamless integrated web chat solution with agent support.

4. Post purchase behaviour

Customers continue to engage post purchase, either through reviews, comments, or ratings.  Consumer share their opinions, rate the service and talk about their experience. We manage and respond to any comments or reviews, monitoring and managing on social and through review sites. 

Our web chat plug and agent support solution allow existing customers to raise queries quickly and conveniently without having to call. The agents take all details, operating as a help desk, dealing with any questions or issues and escalating internally them as appropriate, offering excellent customer service and post purchase brand experience.

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