What is a Splash Page: Examples, Definitions, and More


A splash page is a brand’s introduction to their website. It’s not a landing page, but a large window that is used to promote a service or product. Many business owners are unfamiliar with splash pages, though these can be a valuable segment of the company’s website visual outlook.

At MyDigitalEgo we have some truly skilled and talented digital designers and web developers able to create the perfects splash page for your business.

What is a Splash Page?

The term splash page is also known as a splash screen. It is the first screen you see when you enter a website as an introduction.

So, what’s the difference from the home page, then?

The difference is in the purpose of the screen and in the way it is designed. Website splash pages have different purposes, and they all differ from the home page.

They are often made as a guiding introduction to lead the visitor to the right place. Sometimes, this page is used for getting leads, other times it’s a legal disclaimer. It all depends on what the owner needs. It’s crucial to get this message to the visitor before they use the main ‘home’ page.

There are three main rules that every splash page follows:

  • Outstanding graphics
  • Minimalistic content approach
  • Call to action

Why outstanding graphics?

UX and UI guys will tell you that users who dislike the visuals on a website will immediately click off. The point of the splash page is to redirect people to the call-to-action button, so the graphics must serve this purpose.

Why so little content?

Everything on the splash screen serves the call-to-action button. If you write five paragraphs explaining what you’re about to do, no one will proceed. A few words explaining what’s happening is just enough.

Why we need a call to action

Some companies use a splash screen for making a statement, highlighting a warning, or asking for age verification. Splash page can also be used for collecting information, offering products, highlighting discounts.

Either way, users must click the button and go to the landing page made for this need.

How can a Business Benefit of it?

In some cases, such as age verification, it is mandatory to have this page for protection purposes. Underage visitors should keep off the website so that everything is legal.

Splash pages are a great opportunity to gain leads. Every business wants to grow, and offering something to users is a great way to gain leads.

Brand building and brand recognition are some of the greatest benefits from splash pages. The opportunity to snatch a user’s attention for a second is highly valuable. Web designers use amazing graphics in which they incorporate the company’s logo.

The transferred subliminal message is more powerful than anything else you can provide in form of digital marketing on your website.

It can bring tons of leads and conversions. It acts like a beautifully designed landing page that is there for one purpose only – inform.

Why Don’t We Call it a Landing Page Then?

The landing page’s main priority is converting the visitor to a customer. The splash page has an introductory goal, there to inform and take visitors to another place on the website.

Unlike the splash screen, the landing page rarely has links on it that lead elsewhere. They are full of information helping the visitor convert. The splash screen has a highlighted call-to-action button that will take the visitor elsewhere.

How hard is it to Create a Splash Page?

For professionals like app developers, it is a piece of cake. For amateurs, it may take some time. If you need one made for your business needs, feel free to call us – we have pro web developers and graphic designers that will make an outstanding splash page for you.

If you’re about to do it on your own, you need to look at some of the many platforms offering these solutions. There are more helpful page builders – Wix, SplashThat, Strikingly, HubSpot, etc.

These builders are straight forward and you don’t have to know how to write one line of code using them. If you would like a professional splash page quickly, call us.

Three Cool Splash Page Examples to Find Inspiration in

The splash web page design is everything. To build a magnificent one, try looking for inspiration from current businesses who have tremendous splash pages. Following are three excellent examples of splash pages:

Football.com left or right choice

People connect football to two North America and the rest of the world. The owners of Football.com know this and how people are interested in both.

Football.com created a webpage for both under the same domain with great graphics. This business offered two websites in one page. It’s the user’s choice on which website to proceed to.

Users can click one of the players depending on what they need. A football animation with a helmet will take you to the US NFL page, whilst another with a ball in his feet will take you to the world football page. You can see there’s almost no content, but the point and the message are clear.

Tito’s age verification splash page

Tito’s splash page serves as a great example of a legal disclamer. The Tito’s vodka website must be sure that everyone browsing through their content is over the age of 18. If the visitor isn’t over the age of 18, then they will not be allowed inside. If they are, then the page will redirect to the home screen.

The design is authentic to the brand, which makes the experience even better. The guys creating the site managed to squeeze in the privacy policy at the same place, so you can say they really did a great job.

Zara’s location and language selection

The Spanish fashion brand, Zara has more than 2,220 stores in 88 different countries in the world. Not all of them are fluent in English or Spanish.

Zara’s splash page provides users with the choice of selecting their preferred language. Other brands struggle to get this right with many businesses having multiple websites for multiple countries. Zara created a slick design that solves this problem singlehandedly.

What are the Downsides?

Depending on the type of splash page, it may increase the bounce rate. If not executed well, when visitors click on a website and are greeted with a pop up immediately, they may click away.

This is also destroying the SEO attempts. When it comes to Zara this is not a problem – it’s a huge global brand that isn’t relying too much on SEO, but if a page fights for every visitor, then the splash screen is a huge problem.

The SEO relies on relevancy and value in pages. If the search engines see an image across the screen, with a call-to-action button, then they think there’s nothing more there than advertising. Internet users hate ads, and search engines kick them to the curb because of it.

Wrapping Up

The best way for a website to make a statement is through a splash page. Some businesses use splash pages for obtaining leads, others as a legal disclaimer. Whatever the reason may be, it can be highly beneficial for marketing reasons.

Here at My Digital Ego, we have the best digital designers and app developers in the world. Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you?

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