Sustainable Marketing: Why Going Green is a Smart Move

Sustainable Marketing

Global warming is a phenomenon with record-breaking temperatures rising everyday.

In his latest documentary, ‘A Life on Our Planet’, David Attenborough explains global warming in detail. A key take away is 750 billion tons of ice have melted over the last few decades.

With the continuous cutting of the rain forests, the process will only go faster. Our thirst for wealth and our selfish greed for power is turning the planet into an unrecognisable place.

We are all obligated to do something about this problem. With nearly 8 billion people in the world, everyone’s actions can make a tremendous difference in the big picture.

Running a business makes you even more responsible for causing but also solving the problem. If we all act now, we can expect the planet to recover over in the next century.

Consumers admire businesses that act and preserve the environment in the name of ending global warming.

Companies paying attention to sustainability have more success in their work, too. A detailed survey made from the US Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business shows that companies taking care of the environment make millions more than those who aren’t.

Taking care of the environment is not just our duty as company owners, but it is also profitable. It is a win-win situation for everyone, so why not do it?

If you’re a company that is actively involved in preserving nature, then this is something you need to highlight for the consumers. Show them that you care through sustainable marketing!

What is sustainable marketing?

Promoting the green aspects of your company is doing a sustainable marketing campaign.
An example of sustainable marketing is displaying an ad highlighting the use of recycled plastic in your products.

Small enterprises are doing all kinds of actions to both prove their care for the environment, and to actually make a change. They use grassroots methods that have proven to be highly effective. Cleaning a park, running a marathon for awareness, going to work exclusively by bike, all this can be valuable.

The importance of sustainable marketing

When a business comes up with a marketing plan and idea, it is usually to get leads, make profits, and provide company growth. With sustainable marketing, the entire business is much more than just about profits. It’s raising the alarm for everyone seeing the ads and the actions of the company.

When companies do grassroots campaigns, they often raise awareness in the community. Lots are following their example and try to do the same. If the action was cleaning the park, imagine how the cities would look like if every day a different company do a similar action.

When a business comes up with a sustainable marketing idea, it can easily become viral. Other companies and individuals will follow, making a real difference in the world.

Did you know that 8 million tons of new plastic are thrown into the ocean every year? Around 8.3 billion plastic straws are just part of this number. Now think if you really need a straw for your drink. Offering your products with biodegradable straws is a smart move.

Consumers love going to companies that are openly pro-nature. You can only benefit from going green with your products.

There’s no actual difference in appearance between regular and organic straws. They both look pretty much the same, so you should be highlighting the fact that you’re only using biodegradable products in your business.

The problem with being intrusive

With sustainable marketing, balance matters. Creating a perfect sustainable marketing strategy is a must. You need to dose the content and not be intrusive. The rule of thumb says you should only talk about the action as much as it adds value to the community.

If you’re running a taxi company, using electric cars, try promoting ‘this car emits ZERO gas’. Consumers driving with it will appreciate your efforts.

Never lie about going green!

The worst thing a company can do when going with a sustainable marketing strategy is to talk about their efforts in saving the planet but doing the opposite. That’s what Starbucks did in 2018 when they announced ‘strawless’ lids for their Nitro product. This company created thicker lids to get rid of straws, though used more plastic doing it.

The term ‘greenwash’ describes companies who convince consumers that they are preserving nature. Greenwashing can ruin business.

A small enterprise that is operating locally, may lose everything if they try to fool the public.

How to make a sustainable marketing campaign?

Unlike other marketing campaigns, it’s not that simple to create a sustainable marketing strategy. You need to act before you come up with a sustainable marketing concept.

The first thing you need to do is analyze how you’re doing business. Think about the fields in which your company pollutes the environment. Then, think about how to end this pollution.

If your business is not doing anything to harm the planet, then you can do something that will inspire others to help the process of the earth’s recovery. Installing solar panels for your office building may be an excellent idea. Once you do it, share what you did on social media. The post may go viral within seconds.

Running a business that needs constant transportation means getting vehicles powered by electricity. Avoiding plastic in packaging and products is another way to add value. Even reusing products in your offices can be a great thing to share with your fans on social media.

How can digital marketing agencies help with your sustainable marketing?

We live in a digital era. Everyone is on the internet and influenced by the content provided there. Social media, web magazines, search engines, and everything digital is shaping our lives.

Doing a grassroots campaign for people in shopping malls does not work anymore. Sharing pictures of your employees all coming to work on the bicycle will spark interest in everyone, though. No one will see what you did at the mall, but millions will see it on Instagram.

Great digital sustainable marketing can be done by brainstorming, initiatives, and proper content creation. That is what we do at MyDigitalEgo every day, actually.

Still, no digital marketing agency can help with sustainable marketing unless there’s no initiative from the company itself. If you want a green marketing campaign, get ready to do some action too.

Wrapping Up

The planet urgently needs all the help we can provide. In business, going green is the greatest thing you can do. Trying to pull consumers into these efforts is a noble thing.

Profiting is what 99% of companies are made for, but no one can ignore the humane side of it. At My Digital Ego, we can help you create your sustainable marketing strategy. Check out

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