What is SEO in Digital Marketing: The Challenge to be Seen

What is SEO in Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing industry, the question “What is SEO in digital marketing?” gets thrown around a lot. In this article, we will deep dive into this subject to provide you with a better understanding.

We live in modern times, and online presence is essential now. In times of Covid-19, it’s crucial to have a business that is dominant on the internet. It’s a huge opportunity.

That’s what SEO is all about. SEO helps with getting pages seen by the general public. It seems simple, but there are many benefits of SEO in digital marketing. It’s your marketer’s job to make the best of them.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing and how it works?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique that helps websites rank higher on search engines. A marketer who’s working on it will help a website gain a better search engine position, and will generate more traffic to it.

It is usually done by a team of people. The best way to do this is through a digital SEO marketing agency. A digital marketing agency provides professionals in various industries who will help in building better SEO.

When a marketing agency takes over, they will create a plan and prepare a strategy. The strategy should reflect the brand’s market position and the company’s goals.

Every brand is different and requires a different approach. That’s why the first question digital marketers should ask when taking over the wheel is “what is the top importance of the SEO campaign for the particular project ahead?”

Why Is SEO Important for Businesses?

Every business needs to grow and to become a serious business, you need a business website.

There are billions of internet users around the world. In the UK, 62.1 million people are connected to the internet, which is over 95% of the entire population. Some 46.6 million of them are using the internet daily.

These tens of millions of people are using the internet for their everyday needs. Some chat with their friends and family, others search cat videos for entertainment, and some are looking for a car repair shop, or a new bakery making Welsh cakes.

“I don’t run a bakery, why does SEO concern my business?” You may ask. No matter what business you’re in, proper SEO will enable you to become digitally discoverable.

Think back to the last thing you searched for online. Maybe news about the vaccine, or what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market? Millions of results are available to you, though it is likely you clicked on one of the first three. Didn’t make it past the first page of Google? Hence the importance of SEO.

Millions of people search for something they need online, now that you can buy virtually anything on the internet. If you’re running a business, you want to see it pop up in the first three results when internet users search for something within your industry.

The first three results get more than 60% of the action. You want your business up there. SEO is going to help you achieve that. The benefits of SEO for small businesses are huge. They can turn an ordinary company into a tech giant producing tremendous profit from the internet.

How is SEO done?

Optimizing a web site for search engines has turned into an extremely big industry. Thousands of digital companies across the globe are competing to get their clients’ pages seen.

With quantity, comes quality, as always. Only those who really know what they are doing, following the trends, and working hard will manage to do so.

Google, as the main search engine, with 86.59% of the UK’s market share, is crucial for every SEO marketer. Google makes changes to its system twice a year, implementing new ideas, and trying to improve the search results. It’s a never-ending game for marketers who try to keep up with them.

When an SEO marketer takes over, a thorough audit of the business’s website is carried out. If you do not have a business website, a digital marketing agency can build you one. In both cases, the same tasks must be done for getting that business up there. Here are some of the most important ones:

Web page speed

There’s a ton of puzzles that make a website rank higher or lower on search engines. SEO must address all of them. If there’s an issue somewhere, it must be fixed and made better.

The ranking is done by search engine crawlers. The crawlers, or spiders, are nothing more than software used by search engines to collect information from websites.

When the software runs a scan on a particular website, it will see how fast it loads. If the speed is slow, this is going to affect the overall ranking score.

Crawlers see the speed as crucial for visitors. Surveys show that people don’t like waiting too long for pages to load. They want immediate results. Everything that is loading more than three seconds will lose the attention of their visitors.

This way, the bounce rate jumps, the page gets less traffic, and the search engine ranking drops significantly.

Back-end set up

When a person looking for particular information opens a web page, they see what’s on the screen. For a page to work properly, there are tons of back-end stuff that make it look as it does.

When a robot scanning the page for gathering information do it, they see nothing but computer codes. These codes tell them everything about the website. What it is for, what’s the title, what is on the images that you upload, and so on.

A crawler software can’t see the images as you can. They only see the alt text on them. So, if you leave it empty, the crawler will think there are no images at all.

The same goes for many other things that are happening backstage of the ‘Awesome Business Website’ show.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is essential. Today, people mostly surf the internet through their smartphones. According to stats, 46.83% of UK internet users search through their smartphones, and 46.74% do it on desktop computers. The rest of them, 6.43%, are on tablet.

These numbers display the importance of SEO in building a web page that is going to be mobile-friendly. If your business is international, this is even more critical. Worldwide, mobile use share is 55.73%.

All this means that you need a mobile version for the web site as much as you need a desktop version. Search engines have a different score for both versions. If someone searches for your business through their smartphone, the results will exclude you for not being mobile-friendly.

Competition research

Aside from the basics that must be done before anything else, some tasks truly make a difference. This starts with competition monitoring and research.

Your marketer will check out how the competition is doing their job. Specialized software, apps, programs, web pages, and other tools are available for competition monitoring.

Competitor research is a broad field, but if we look at it from an SEO perspective, it can be highly valuable for creating a respectable brand of your own. If you know the recipe for their success, you can add a flavour of your own and become better.

Content writing

Content, in all forms, is valuable for attracting visitors. At the same time, it’s crucial for showing Google and the rest of the search engines that you’re a valuable part of the industry.

Most websites have blogs where they publish content. This content is mostly in written form because this is the way search engine crawlers read. You can make an amazing infographic, and it will bring tremendous value for your visitors, but the crawlers will only see the alt text of it.

If Google can’t see it, be sure that not too many people will see it either. Of course, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Reach can be boosted with paid ads. This is another giant part of the entire battle for being seen online. It may be more expensive, but it gets the job done fast.


Keywords, or key terms, are words or phrases that are used by internet users when searching online. Based on the keywords, the search engines display results for the users.

All this seems logical and straightforward, but in the ocean of information, search engines need to make sure that users get the right answers. For example, the term “SEO and digital marketing” has 270 million results.

Around 3.5 billion search queries are made every day. Between 16 and 20 per cent of all searches are new. Never used before. That leaves a lot of open space for marketers to make their clients visible online.


Backlinks are the only way to prove to search engines you know what you’re talking about. They are crucial. Over time, Google realized that page owners are taking advantage of this. When posting text with the right keywords, and Google would instantly rank them higher in the results.

So, Google changed its approach. Now, no website will be ranked unless someone else points it out as valuable information.

Because of this, the blogging industry is more important than ever. Blogs with higher domain authority now charge for websites who want to get a backlink from them.

Backlinks from higher domain authority pages will get a better ranking in Google. More backlinks will make an additional significant change.

Tracking progress and active work

When all tasks are completed, it doesn’t mean that the job is done. It takes constant tracking of the progress and consistent work on the business’s website. To get ahead with blogs and content writing, you will need help from an SEO expert.

Can you do it on your own?

This takes hard work and dedication. Running your business and trying to improve your SEO can be time consuming. It is encouraged to hire professionals. In previous years this has typically been viewed as expensive, though at My Digital Ego, we offer some amazingly affordable solutions.

In this article, we only scratched the surface of the entire digital marketing game. There’s so much more that must be done if you want to see the true benefits of an SEO agency.

Social networking

Your social media presence has a great impact on driving traffic to your website.

Social networking is a vital part of building brand awareness, presenting content, and creating overall recognition. Every serious digital marketing agency must have a social media team that will work closely with content creators.

Final Thoughts

In today’s digital era, you must move forward to become successful. You might have been doing great before COVID-19, though now facing fewer clients due to the pandemic. It’s time for you to bring in a digital marketing solution. That’s why SEO matters.

There are many pieces to this puzzle. A proper SEO campaign requires at least four or five experts in different fields. One person can’t do everything.

At My Digital Ego, we have all bases covered. We can take care of everything mentioned above and make your brand more discoverable through our packages, starting from just £350 a month.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more information.

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